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Welcome to Sacred Phoenix Tarot Readings

Hello beautiful soul, if you are looking to have Tarot Readings with me please choose a date from the above calendar to pick a service and see the prices. (You can also check the prices here). Once you click on the calendar then select a service and all the prices are shown along with the service associated with it. When you order an emergency reading, you will receive it within 3-4 days unless advised. You will receive your video recorded reading in e-mail (All prices are in American Dollar ) on the date you picked most likely. However, if ‘m not able to deliver on that date you will be informed beforehand and I’ll let you know which date it will be ready. Please note these are not actual appointments rather a spot on the calendar.

* Sacred Phoenix is not responsible for any action taken after getting these readings.
* Emergency readings are available and will be delivered within 3-4 days after payment is received
* All readings are for entertainment purposes
* Please note since this is service based delivery there will be no refunds after purchase
* If you don’t know which reading to pick (Twin Flame or SoulMate) just pick Soulmate/Love Reading option
* These readings are only for guidance, what you do with it is your choice and Sacred Phoenix is not responsible for any action taken after getting this advice.

What is Energy reading with Tarot/Oracle Cards?

Energy reading is based on intuition and ability to read what’s inside someone’s heart/mind. As a highly intuitive person who has a gift of Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Clairvoyant I can tap in to energies and ask spirit guides to receive messages that are meant to be delivered to a specific person. I’m specialized in love readings and specifically with Twin Flames as I am one myself but I can tap in to any other relationships like Soul Mates and other Romantic relationships.

NOTE: All readings are video recorded and send via e-mail. I don’t do text or phone readings. Also, I respectfully reserve the right to decline a reading if I feel my energies are not aligned with yours. Any action that client takes after getting this advice is not Sacred Phoenix’s responsibility as we all are in control of our own lives.

General Readings on YouTube for Twin Flames (Divine Partners)

Check out my GENERAL readings on YouTube Channel

Highly Intuitive

I’m a highly intuitive Tarot/Oracle Card reader and I don’t follow any specific method to perform my readings as they are
based on my intuition and messages that I receive from spirit.

Energy Reading for Twin Flames/Soul Mates/Other Romantic Relationships

I channel energy reading via Tarot Cards for beloved Twin Flames/Divine Partners/Soul Mates/ Other Relationships. All of my readings are based on intuition and divinely guided.


Hear what my clients have to say about my readings!

Recently, I had a Love Reading made by Sacred Phoenix, and I must say that I was astonished by the accuracy of what she told me about what had happened in the past based on her interpretation of the various Tarot Card decks that she used. Everything she told me had actually happened. Also when describing the personality of my Twin Flame, she made it spot on! This is why I fully trust in her predictions about what is going to happen in the future, and I just can't wait for it to materialize. Actually before ordering this reading, I was at the brink of giving up all hope that I would ever see my Twin Flame again, but when watching the video with her reading, my life made a 180 degree turn and the Sun started shining upon me. Thank you, Sacred Phoenix, you opened up the door to a life of abundance in my emotional world. I'll never forget this experience, it was worth every cent. You truly are a very gifted Psychic/Tarot Reader.
Sacred Phoenix is one in a million. After watching numerous readers I was drawn to her instantly and with her knowledge of twin flames and soul mates I wanted her advice on my situation. She spent time on my reading and she fully engulfed herself into my situation and gave me a greater insight than I imagined. She went above and beyond to help me understand my path in life and guided me so beautifully. She has given me the strength to move forward and be strong in my love journey. Throughout the reading I felt how beautifully aligned she was with spirit and her energy was empowering and so positive. It is a blessing to have had this experience with her. Thank you so much Sacred Phoenix. You are amazing! Love and light to you always ❤️❤️❤️
I'd really like the share a bit on how you have helped me if you don't mind :) I broke up few months ago with my gf whom I considered as my lifetime partner. We went through a lot, and it was a sudden ending without clarity. I started looking up for tarot readings on youtube, then came cross your videos, heard about "twin flames" the 1st time. I went to your website and read about the twin flame signs. It was like spot on describing my relationship! Then I started searching more about twin flame journeys, and try to heal myself. Just yesterday, I tried to reach out to my ex-gf but she told me that she's dating someone else already. I was devastated, but instead of being resentful, I wished her the best, and shared your webpage about twin flame signs to her. I thought that was the end, but she reached out to me this morning, we have been texting talking about random stuff. I could feel the difference, I think she may start realizing that something is special about our relationship. I don't know how this would turn out, but I really really hope we could work this out, heal ourselves, and get back together!
I've recently came across SP's channel and I was astonished how assertive she was on the general reading for my sign and my significant other's. I decided to have a twin flame reading with her and of course I wasn't disappointed. She was spot on and so detailed in her reading. I was so impressed. I am glad I had it done. It was an affirmation that I am tapping into my intuition and following the right path. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with the world. I'll definitely have more readings done by you. I've been spreading the word. Lots of love,
Sacred Phoenix feels like a safe harbor that nurtures you deeply and warmthly from her wisdom and heart. She cares like a mother and is a solid foundation, very grounded yet a clear channel to the Divine. Her style of communicating is simple and accurate. She holds the wisdom of an old soul which leaves you with greater insight and deeper understanding. Her energy is grounded, safe and healing. Her voice is warm and her readings are beautiful and filled with vibrant love. Her warmth and heart centered energy makes you feel calm and at deep peace. She is a safe harbor for those who seek assistance, clarity or light on their path. I love you sister!
I am so happy and glad to have Sacred Phoenix to do my reading. Her energy is so beautiful and comforting and she provides such a safe space for the soul to be in so unconditionally. She gave amazingly accurate information of my current life and even past life. Her advices and guidance is so incredibly easy to follow and not complicated at all. Because of her I understood my situation million times better whilst i was very confused on my own. She guided me to the light of the truth. For me she is the Best reader in the world. So much Love,
My soul your soul speaks to each other.. My heart resonates the gentleness the sincerity and pureness of intent.. I truly truly feel Devine's Love and Light flowing through all the readings I have had personally and had the privilege to watch on YouTube that you so kindly shared with us all. Thank you Sacred Phoenix..thank you for being here on earth at this very important times.
Sacred Phoenix is an absolute delight to work with. Her readings are of true Divine source and guidance. They are uplifting and she is astute in tapping into specifics energies. A generous soul of the Light! I admire her dedication to her mission! A true pleasure to work with always!
One of the best readings I had! So accurate She has confirmed a lot of things that I always has felt, and she gave me hope when I almost felt giving up ! a proper guidance it felt so magical I loved it :) looking forward to have more readings with u

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