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Twin Flames
September 2022
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Discover Magical tools and channeled Tarot/Oracle readings to assist you in your spiritual journey!

Tarot readings on YouTube Channel

Tarot Readings on YouTube

Here on YouTube I publish different kinds of readings such as Zodiac Sign and Pick a Card Channeled readings. You can see some of them here!
Twin Flames/SoulMates

Yearly Forecast for Divine Counterparts!

For each new year I have readings that will give insight and advice for divine counterparts. For 2022 you can check out this one. I also provide Zodiac sign yearly forecast on my membership area. Occasionally you will find these videos on my YouTube channel, but for extended and exclusive readings please Sign Up on our membership site.

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Twin Flames/SoulMates

Zodiac Sign readings on YouTube!

Zodiac Readings for Twin Flames/SoulMates are usually posted on a seasonal based on YouTube rather than monthly. For extended readings and more exclusive readings please sign up for membership.

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Twin Flames/SoulMates

Pick A Card Readings on YouTube

I also post often “Pick A Card” reading based on user’s request or inspiration coming from spirit. They come in different topics, like “Who will you Marry?” “What is your soul contract with this person?” – For MORE exclusive readings please sign up for our membership.

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