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My soul has lived on earth for thousand years and in this lifetime I have volunteered (just like so many light workers and earth angels) to come and assist the earth in this important times ahead of us. This is a strong belief that motivates me to continue to stay in my divine mission and purpose. 

At a very young age, I’ve discovered the art of Tarot/Oracle and divination and since then I knew that I have done Tarot readings before in my past lives.
It was something that my soul recognized as a gift from previous lifetimes. Unfortunately or perhaps quite fated I always denied my gifts and quite frankly been afraid of who I am and my own capabilities until the year 2016 when I met someone very special, this dear soul that I believe has the same soul as me in him changed my life forever. My life started to become upside down and gradually I started to re-discover my talents and gifts. At first I started by painting again, something that I loved to do and had passion since I was a kid. I also started to create digital animated pieces with my art for almost 2 years until now. Meanwhile I started to use Tarot Cards not knowing where it’s going to take me. But one thing I knew was that the cards in my hands felt so natural as if I have always lived a life as an oracle. I have known Tarot since I was at young age but never knew how to use them. Gradually in 2018 I started to do Tarot and taught myself how to read it. Slowly it came back to me and the rest is history.

The first attempts of reading I did was mostly for friends and then I started to do for others. The results is what you see in my YouTube channel which I started few months ago. All of my readings are divinely guided and I usually know what the messages are before looking at the cards. Tarot is now one of my passions and I’m thrilled to be able to help others along their life journey; whether it’s love, career, past life or any other situation.

My strong ties to Atlantis and remembering of my past life in that paradise city gives me great strength and insight on how to read other’s past life’s energies as well. I’m now fully able to tap in to present, past and possible future (I’d say possible future because we are multi-dimensional beings and we create our own future) of any situation, considering if I connect with that energy and frequency. In all of my readings I give messages that comes from spirit via me and I have no control of what’s coming. I have vowed to use my gifts only and only for the good of humanity and removing ego in order to give pure messages. It’s truly a blessing to be alive at this time on earth to witness how humanity has grown and how it continues to grow spiritually and achieving higher levels of consciousness. The new earth is now upon us and is in fact here, now, at this present moment that you are reading these lines. Welcome to New Earth 🙂



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