Atlantis & Manifestation

If you believe you have been incarnated at a time of Atlantis or Lemuria then these manifestation methods could be of assistance in your journey. Overall there are 12 techniques but for now I’m just mentioning 6 of them. (Watch me explain it in YouTube channel here and if you are even more curious join us in the membership site to find out more)

These methods in the beginning might seem childish and crazy 🙂 but give them a try:

1. The Power of Parallel Universes/Realities ( I call it line method or portal method) ( It’s interesting to me that actually in a lot of science fiction movies there is a reference to portal manifestation but this has been reduced to only fiction or at least thats what they want you to believe, because once you harness the power of this method what you can manifest is limitless)

2. Power of intergalactic Star Systems

3. Power of Colour (Including 12 chakras activations)

4. Power of Crystals

5. Power of Sound

6. Power of Intentional Sleep

I hope you guys find some of these information useful in your journey!

*** You might also wanna check out this video I did quite a while back and this is related to Twin Flame journey.

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