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Super Full Moon in Capricorn

Divine Counterpart/Twin Flame Messages for the Full Moon in Capricorn 🌕🔮👁💖 

July 13th- The most powerful Super Moon of the year 2022 is here to bring you extreme energies of the ambitious Capricorn. This isn’t an ordinary super moon and a Full Moon. Both cardinal signs of the zodiac (Cancer and Capricorn) will bring you closer to your most wildest and deepest desires especially when it comes to your divine counterpart. These energies are super charged with power, passion and showing an end to a difficult cycle for both!

This super moon will assist Masculine and Feminine energies to cut the stagnation energy that has been dormant or been under development in order to bring them back together! It’s time of harvest for both. (especially for divine feminine) As spirit is saying: “Reap what you sow, Grow together and Let two become one” is the message of this Full Moon! 

“According to the Farmer’s Almanac, deers’ antlers that begin forming in the spring harden fully at this point in the summer, thus, we have the Buck Moon! The Farmer’s Almanac also tells us that the July full moon can also be called the “Hay Moon” or the “Thunder Moon,” because this is the time of the season to harvest hay, and because thunderstorms may be plentiful this time of year.”

** Notice the moon 🌙 and element of Earth 🔽 on the “Grow together” card in the video bellow which was posted on Instagram! These symbols are referring to full moon in Capricorn! 

Sacred Phoenix 

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