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I perform different types of readings and they are  divinely guided, Channeled and intuitively done. I allow spirit to take over and let the energies flow naturally throughout the readings. Usually before I start the reading I will tell you about your situation and how I see and hear the messages, cards only confirm these messages. I currently offer 3 kinds of reading:

  1. Twin Flames
  2. Soul Mates/And or any other kind of relationship
  3. Akashic Records

Here are some Q&A on how to choose a reading, if you don’t know which is more suitable:

What is Twin Flame reading?

First see what your situation is about. If you know inside your heart and soul that you could possibly be involved in a Twin Flame relationship then go ahead and pick a service from the calendar on the homepage. (Please see some of the possible signs of meeting your twin soul here)

If Twin flames are not resonating then your other option would be Soulmate/Love reading. That is for if your question or inquiry is about a soul connection or any other type of relationship like romantic or karmic.

What is a past life reading? (It’s also called “Akashic Records”) 

In this reading I will take a look at your Akashic Record or the record of your soul. Our soul has a library that records all the lifetimes that we have lived. I will look in to your akashic record and show your blessings and lessons from these previous  lifetimes, so you can be overcome them in this lifetime to grow spiritually. It will also help you to understand and heal some of the current wounds.
I can also look in to any particular soul relationship and let you know what has happened between you and the other person. If you want this option  just click on the calendar and pick: Full Akashic Record. Your Akashic Records will open your eyes to what has happened to your soul during several lifetimes. I will access multiple lifetimes but spirit might emphasize on few that would be more beneficial for your spiritual growth.

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