Lion’s Gate 8:8 Portal

What is Lion’s Gate Spiritual Portal?

The Lion’s Gate portal opens every year on August 8th when the sun in Leo, the star Sirius, Orion’s Belt, and the Earth all line up. Number 8 is the infinity symbol if you turn it on the side, one of the power numbers in numerology as it represent wealth and manifestation. Also number 8th card is represented in Tarot as the Strength card (Leo in Astrology). This number is the bridge between material and spirit world. Like the magician card in Tarot with infinity symbol the strength card also has infinity symbol drawn on it, which refers to immortality of the soul and its ability to create and manifest. “As above, so bellow”

This Lion’s Gate will be tremendously good for life path’s number 8. Do you know your life path number? If not it’s pretty easy to calculate it: Just take your date of birth’s numerical value, add all those digits together by category (year, month, day), and keep adding each of those digits together until you end up with a single digit or you can use this tool to calculate it.

Here are channeled messages for Lion’s Gate 8:8 Messages for Divine Counterparts/ Twin Flames  👁🔮🔥🦁

Lion’s Gate portal on August 8th isn’t going to be an ordinary one for divine counterparts. This 8:8 portal is going to assist both energies of divine masculine and feminine to leave a Legacy here on earth. This is their divine destiny; LEGACY of LIGHT, to live in abundance and live their lives as an example to the world. They both have made this choice before coming here on earth to bring love, peace and harmony in to troubled world with their unconditional love for each other. They now have learned how to be independent and stand on their own feet, however together they will build an empire, and leaving a legacy that will inspire and uplift the world forever! ( You can check the video for Instagram here

You might ask yourself how this portal is any different from the ones in previous years? We will look in to messages that will show you why and how the energies of Divine Masculine and Feminine will be playing out together at this time and why is it more powerful than any other year that we have experienced so far this gateway on the 8th. We are going to explore Lion’s Gate energies on the membership site tomorrow night, so join us if you are being guided! 

** The Video bellow also was a draw from Instagram story which showed the energies of Lion’s Gate and what it means for the collective in general and here is the message:

Spirit is asking us to go beyond what has been conditioning us to believe that we are separated. Going beyond survival matters and step in to unity and peace with one another. This is where the lion embraces the lamb. This is our family of LIGHT and the message here is to embrace both the lion and the lamb ( The vulnerable and innocent lamb and the courageous and brave Lion) within us, in order to come in to unity within and create that in the outside world.