Some souls have been living on earth (incarnated) more than one lifetime. For some it has been thousand years or more (Old souls) and for some could be quite shorter time experiencing human life on earth.

What we know about ourselves is so little that we can’t even comprehend how powerful and how amazing our souls are and what gifts we posses. Each soul has a record in the universe or world of spirit that’s called: “Akashic Records”. Think of your akashic record like a library of your soul. Anything that has happened is recorded there and you have access to it.

Now why some of us can’t remember our past lives and why we don’t remember it? The answer to that is because we haven’t asked ourselves why we are here and we haven’t looked deep enough within our souls to realize what we want and why we want it.

Have you noticed that sometimes see a talent in yourself that everyone tells you are good at but you ignore and continue to live a mediocre life? The reason is you have no idea how powerful human consciousness is and what your soul is capable of. Have you realized sometimes you feel that you have lived on earth before and some places or people are just too familiar and giving you a sense of Deja Vu?

Your Akashic record is the key to the past and guide to your future. But you might ask why would I wanna know about past? the reason is that you will understand why certain things are happening in your life and why some lessons keep repeating themselves. Why you are getting hurt over and over again? why relationships that you are in are not working and why you feel pain every day as oppose to joy and happiness. Start living your life to the highest potential and satisfy the thirst in your soul. Answer the call of your spirit. The time is now.

Accessing your Akashic record is possible and for those who dare to step in to it, I can assist you and take you to this wonderful world of your record where you can see your patterns, events and even past lovers. I take you there by using Tarot/Oracle cards in order to connect with the energy of the past. I also use my clairvoyant and clairaudient gifts to see and reveal to you what’s beyond being show in the cards. If you find yourself interested to have this reading you can go to the calendar on the homepage, pick a date and choose: Full Akashic Records from the menu.

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