Here is how my Tarot/Oracle readings works and some tips before you get one or watch it on my YouTube Channel:

  1. I can’t guarantee to confirm your connection and say this is a Twin Flame or Soul Mate relationship. This is something that resides deep within your soul and your soul knows better than anyone else. What I can do though is to ask spirit to see if the connection on your mind is a divine connection or not.
  2. Before you get a reading please make yourself familiar with a reader’s energy in this case my energy. And what does that mean? It means listen and watch my videos or posts and see if it resonates with your soul then go ahead and order a personal reading if you wish or if you are being guided to do so. If it doesn’t resonates and you believe this is not for you then simply move on.
  3. Videos that I post on my YouTube channel are specifically for divine partnerships/Twin Flames and it’s not your typical horoscope. If you are in an abusive relationship or toxic one, then I would like to kindly ask you to stop watching these videos. If you watched it within few minutes and you said to yourself: “Yes, that’s me, it feels right”, then go ahead and watch the whole video and If not simply skip and don’t watch it.
  4. All my readings are channeled, divinely guided and based on intuition.
    I don’t follow any specific method to perform my readings, rather allow spirit to take over. I just give you what spirit show me via Tarot/Oracle cards.
  5. Please keep in mind that these are energy readings, meaning that it can change anytime as we are multi-dimensional being and have FREE will. Nothing is written in the stone. Take what you want to believe and leave the rest. You are way more powerful than you think you are.
  6. When watching a YouTube video remember they are General and might not resonate with you always. If I’m a reader that you always listen to, that doesn’t mean all my readings will always resonate with you. Although if it does then I’m truly honoured and happy to hear that 🙂
    Use your intuition when it comes to listening to any reader.
  7. Do not confuse yourself by watching all the readers on the internet, as each might tell you something different. Just go with the ones that truly speaks to your heart and soul and don’t overdo it. Take a break here and there from listening too much to readings and allow the universe to take its natural course and guide you. Pay attention to the world outside as angels and guides are always giving you signs but sometimes you ignore them because you are too busy doing other things in life. Pay attention to animals and signs and specifically numbers that are shown in sequence like 22, 33, 11.
  8. Before getting a reading keep in mind that the outcome of it is out of the control of a reader. A reader can only give you what spirit communicates with him/her, no more and no less. A good reader will never manipulate a reading in order to satisfy your expectations. It is what it is. Sometimes it’s tough to accept what comes through but it’s important Not to have expectations of any sort otherwise you might get disappointed. If you are receiving a reading allow the spirit give you whatever is meant for you. Sometimes spirit might not respond to what you are asking simply because it’s not meant for you to know it.
  9. These readings should never replaced for professional help if you are suffering from any kind of illness.
  10. I shuffle the cards randomly and never pick them up myself. That’s why in my readings mostly you’ll see me shuffling in front of camera. I also know, see and hear what spirit wants to communicate usually ahead of a reading. Cards only confirm what I know.
  11. Never ever give your power away to anyone including a reader by thinking they know everything. A reader is a messenger only between spirit and matter, that’s it. You are in control of your own life and destiny and no one else is.
  12. Make sure you understand what you are ordering. For instance if you are ordering Akashic Records (Past Life readings) do not expect to get a reading
    about future energies. (Akashic Record is the record of your soul in past lives. Future is something we constantly create and it changes as we evolve and grow spiritually )

My wish is that these readings shed a light on your journey and help you along your spiritual path. These readings are meant to lift up your spirit and sometimes show you what you don’t want to see. I perform my readings in the most compassionate and loving way, as this is what I’m being guided to do but will never manipulate a reading.
I only confirm what you already know inside your heart/soul. What you seek is already within you, so don’t seek it outside of yourself. You are a magical and a divine being, so believe in yourself.

I’m truly honoured to be able to walk this path with all of you and can’t thank spirit enough for allowing me to do my divine mission here on earth.
So, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all your love and support.

In Love and Light,
Sacred Phoenix