Twin Flame is only a term used by humans trying to understand what happens to the soul when one meets their Twin Soul. It’s one of the many forms of divine partnership (Divine partnership could be: Twin Flame, Soul Mate, etc.). Some souls before incarnation been divided in to Divine Masculine and Devine Feminine energy (YinYang), basically they are one soul in two bodies and that’s called in human terms: Twin Flame. That doesn’t mean that Twins are incomplete without each other as they are complete and this is one of the biggest misconceptions that we somehow need other person to be fully evolved as a soul. Twins need to balance both energies (masculine and feminine) inside themselves before they can come in to union with the other in physical realm (3D world).

There is a misconception and misrepresentation in popular media that Twin Flame is a romantic relationship whereas it is actually a
Self Journey: Journey of the soul. Even though at times it feels that this relationship is a fairytale but in truth it is a connection for the soul to learn the lessons and ascend to higher levels of consciousness. Just like all light workers, Twins come with responsibility of raising the frequency of the earth, as earth is going through major changes. Their mission: Unconditional LOVE 

Some of the signs of Twin Flame Soul:

  1. You get awakening upon meeting your twin soul. (Meaning all of a sudden you will see the world as illusion and the matrix will be revealed to you) This spiritual awakening pushes you to move towards you true path in life. It pushes you to be your true self. You start to connect not only with your higher-self but the higher-self of your Twin soul as well.
  2. Upon this meeting time and space stops and you get a feeling nothing else exist in the world except the other person that you just met.
  3. Sexual attraction is beyond anything you can describe in the physical form. It’s more of a union of the souls and you will feel it right away.
  4. Knowing – Upon meeting your Twin Soul you will just know that this person is you and you can’t differentiate the difference between your thoughts and your beloved’s thoughts. As you both have access to each other mind, body and soul.
  5. Upon meeting your Twin Soul your whole life will be upside down and you will get pushed to leave your old self and therefore your old life behind you. For instance you might decide to leave a job that has no meaning for you and start something that will benefit humanity instead. A lot of Twin Flames they start their own business and help other Twins on their journey.
  6. You start to grow abilities that you never thought you had. For instance you might develop psychic or healing abilities. You always had these gifts/abilities but they will get activated upon meeting your Twin Soul. They have that effect on you and that’s their role; to awaken you to your true gifts.
  7. You will start seeing numbers in sequence like 11:11 or 44:44 and so on. All of these are angel numbers and the universe trying to let you know that you are entering a spiritual path and that you are on the right path. However, this is a usual event that happens to a lot of light workers and it’s not only specifically for Twin Flames. There are some numbers that are associated with Twin Flames like 22, 8 or 11. ( There are more but these are just an example)
  8. Usually one Twin starts running away from the relationship ( usually the one with less spiritual awareness) and the other one starts chasing. This process continues until both understand and learn their own lessons. Only when both learn the lessons that are meant for their soul they can come together but not before that.
  9. Usually the love is so intense that leaving one’s Twins feels so awful after the first initiation or meeting. One might feel death inside their soul or feeling of like their soul is being taken away from them.
  10. Do not confuse this relationship with abusive and codependency/karmic relationships. This is a spiritual and soul connection. If someone is abusive that’s not your Twin Soul. Your Twin Flame will only trigger you not abuse or harm you in any way. They are meant to show you who you are and show you all your weaknesses and fears.
  11. One of the most extraordinary experiences of being in a Twin Flame relationship is having the telepathy between two. Yes, we do have it with other souls like our soulmates but the one with Twin Flame is a different experience. At times you can not distinguish between their thoughts, emotions and your own. It is as almost you have access to each other’s mind, soul and heart. This can be so frustrating as one might think they are going crazy and this can’t be real but it is. Telepathy is the way Twins communicate regardless of being miles and miles away from each other.
  12. The difference between Soul Mate and Twin Flame is that Soul Mate is a smoother ride and they are here to be your companion and help you along your journey. Whereas Twin Flame will show you the parts of yourself that you don’t dare to look at (They mirror you) and you start healing those wounds. For instance if you are afraid of abandonment, your twin soul might just leave you to show you this is the part where you need to work on and eventually heal so you two can get back together. Soul Mates are also teachers but not as extensive as Twin Flames.
  13. Sometime you will see or hear your Twin Flame as if they are right in your room or where you are even though physically they are not with you. That’s because your Twin Flame higher self tries to communicate with you.
  14.  There are couple of stages for Twin Flames such as: 1. Yearning – You will have a feeling that there is someone in this world that you are meant to be with and start your mission on earth. 2. Bubble Phase (Fairy Tale Relationship) – You feel you are in paradise when you meet them and you feel this can’t be true and this type of love exist only in fairytales 3. Separation (Runner and Chaser) –  In truth there is no separation as you two are one soul but the mind will trick you to believe this – In this stage which is one of the most painful experiences that soul can endure one Twin will start running and the other feels desperate and start chasing and the pain of separation is almost unbearable  4. Reunion (Oneness) After both learned their lessons and can vibe in the same frequency of unconditional love for themselves and other then they will come back together just like Yin and Yang to complete their mission on earth.

There are more stages in between but the above explains some parts of this journey that has both blessings and its own challenges.

** Please know that all this information is based on my own experience and also coming across other souls who have been experiencing the same. Nothing is written in the stone and truly soul connections are complex and sometimes beyond human comprehension. What we understand is only a small fraction of divine soul connections.

Sacred Phoenix