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That sense of extreme familiarity when you meet your Twin Soul is quite astonishing for the first time and you might get a feeling of déjà vu. How come you just met this person a minute ago and it feels as if you have known them forever. As a matter in fact it seems like they are mirror of your soul. You can hear their thoughts as if they are your own, you can sense their pain as if they are your own and you can smell them even when they are miles and miles away. No, you are not crazy and this is a strong telepathy that Twins shares together. You have of course experienced it with others but not to this extent.

This kind of feeling is another level from a soulmate as the energies are so strong and intense you think at any time you might have died and went to heaven or you might have feelings of living in a fairy tale story. These symptoms are quite normal in a Twin Flame relationship. Twin Flames have had so many lifetimes together. We had past lives with our soulmates as well, however our lessons and blessings are tied quite closely with that of our Twin Flame. Although each of you will have to learn your own soul lessons (I don’t like to call it Karma but rather life lesson), you will also teach each other profound lessons so you can ascend to higher levels of consciousness together. But you must allow the other to grow and learn on their own as well. The more you resist this process, the harder this relationship can get. This is a soul connection that needs a lot of compassion and patience so let things happen naturally and listen to your own intuition when it comes to this connection.

That’s why I usually recommend past life reading or looking in to Akashic records or Past Lives (Akashic Record is like a library of your soul that everything has been recorded) for Twins as it can give you great insight in to your strength, weaknesses, lessons and blessings that you carry through this current life time. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea since you need to have the strength to hear what has happened in the past in order to understand the present and learn from it. Past life readings can assist your soul in spiritual development and understanding of your soul lessons. If you are interested to have one with me you can order it one on the homepage, click on the calendar and pick a service, you will see the option is called “Past Life Reading” or “Full AkashicRecord Readings“.

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