How to choose a Tarot/Oracle reading?

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I perform different types of readings and all of them are divinely guided and intuitively done. I allow the spirit to take over and let the energies flow naturally throughout the readings. Usually before I start the reading I will tell you about it and how I see and hear the messages and cards only confirm them. So, here are some Q&A on how to choose:

What is Twin Flame reading?

First see what your situation is about. If you know inside your soul that you could possibly be involved in a Twin Flame relationship then go ahead and pick a service from the calendar on the homepage. (Please see some of the possible signs of meeting your twin soul here)

If Twin flames are not resonating then your best possible option would be Soulmate reading if your question or inquiry is about a soul connection or any other type of relationship like romantic etc.

What is a Soul Purpose reading?

I will look in to possible career or soul purposes choices you can take on that you already posses the gifts and all you have to do is to unleash its power. You will see two choices for this:

Career/Job questions and Soul Purpose 

The difference if that Soul Purpose is for those who want to know what their mission or soul purpose in life is and the Career/Job one is questions you might have around the current job you have.
I will look in to the current work or career situation and tell you if this path is for your highest good or not. If you want any of these reading with me you can go to the homepage and click on the calendar to pick a date, then select this service. You can also read more about it here.

What is a past life reading? (It’s also called “Akashic Records”) 

This is a reading to take a look at your Akashic Record. Our soul has a library that recored all the lifetimes that we have lived. I can look in to your akashic
record and tell you about the events and possible blockage that can be overcome in this lifetime to grow spiritually and help you heal some of the past wounds.
I can also look in to any particular soul relationship and let you know what has happened between you and the other person. There are two options on the calendar for past life readings: Full Akashic Record and Past Life Reading with your beloved or general. The full Akashic Records will open your eyes to what has happened to your soul during several lifetimes. I can access more than one lifetime and you can ask any question you might have. If you only are interested to know information about you and your love interest then choose the “Past life reading with your beloved or general”.



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