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Welcome to Leo Season

Welcome to of the most powerful Season of Leo ♌️ ☀️🌞 (Season of the Sun) This Leo season is going to be the most promising one when it comes to Union or Reunion with your divine counterpart/Twin Flame. Leo will remind you that you are infinite and strong enough to overcome any adversities that comes on your way to love! If you have been following us on Instagram on both accounts the same message showed up but with two different cards. Both representing divine love and happier times ahead. “The lovers” showed up for this season as spirit wants to show you that true love is infinite, and the immortality of your soul. That no matter how many times you incarnate, you two will choose each other again and again. Lifetime after lifetime! 

In another account that I asked spirit for this season advise “10 of Cups” showed up, again divine love and happily ever after energy. This is not to say that you two haven’t been enduring a lot of difficulties and perhaps years of working on your spiritual path, but this is spirit reward for all the hard work that you’ve done. You deserve it!

Can you feel the love? It’s coming your way! May this season bring all of you so many of its blessings, as Leo is one of the most generous signs of the zodiac and one of the most optimistic one as it is ruled by the sun! 

Leo ♌️ Motto: “I WILL” 💫☄️⚡️
Crystal: Sun Stone or Citrine

*** Here I asked spirit one more time on my other account 🙂 Same message, but with 10 of cups: divine love 💖🦁♾🌈 @sacredphoenix222 

You can watch the reading on one of my Instagram accounts down bellow! or go here.

Sacred Phoenix